ABex collage

the two paintings to the left were less than satisfactory to me since i first created “Chuck” left and (untitled) below several years ago.  i took a razor to them both today and shredded them.  then, i arranged the pieces on the floor of my studio (above) trying to figure out whether they deserved to be salvaged.  this much more successful composition emerged after a few minutes of manipulation.  the piece will be deconstructed again and perhaps made part of a permanent piece, or perhaps not.  the idea of a temporary art installation or environmental art that decomposes, rather than hangs in a gallery, appeals to me.  i can’t sell it, so there is only me and the art and a sense of utter ownership over it.  i can only photograph it.  like people, our image, our voice, our persona is very temporary as we age and we can only admire the way they/we once looked by the evidence left behind in photographs.  it is important, and i am training myself, to let go of things, including my art.

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