“Any Resemblance to Joan……”

“Any Resemblance to Joan (is purely intentional)” finished in 2018

“Any Resemblance to Joan (is purely intentional)” created in 2016

It occurred to me as i was working on this large piece, and the paint was not yet covering the “field,” omG, this looks like Joan Mitchell brushwork.  That’s when i knew it was finished.  Why screw up a  good thing?  Although she didn’t typically use geometric forms such as these, the mixing of paint directly on the canvas and the frenetic mixing and blending and so forth, resulted in this crazy mixology, as so many of her paintings did as well.  The key was in recognizing how wonderful it was (when it was already wonderful) and knowing when to quit mixing.  i never worry if i have enough of one color on my palette — i create it and reinvent colors as i work–and if i can’t decide what color to use next, as in this piece, i often mix whatever is left over on my palette from the last time, so i don’t waste paint.  This helps avoid the colors becoming too “sweet” or pure and common.  And again, painting over a canvas that i am unsatisfied with results in these later ColorFields.  Traces of the original are visible. It helps to neutralize the colors a bit, adds texture, makes it much more interesting and leaves a path to where i had once been.  So that is how i came upon the title:  It sounds brazenly self-assured to compare myself, even in small measure, to the incomparable Joan Mitchell, but i accept.  It is my DNA, i am sure, yet there is no attempt on my part to copy her masterpieces.  All imperfections are purely intentional.  

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