Artist’s Statement

The representational (impressionistic) work i did early in my career seemed popular and sold well, but i was continuously drawn back to the abstract expressionist school i studied as a young woman. i love experimenting with Colorfield painting by transferring the composition/design to sheer fabric (outsourced). Then, i wrap the fabrics (hot pink, orange, and other un “natural” colors) to environmental “installations” of the local area, urban settings, etc. and photograph it.  i like to see my vivid pieces in the outdoors and unexpected (and very temporary) locations. The “installation” is removed after a short time, usually a few hours, depending on elements and what i can get away with.  The environment returns to its natural state, without aRt.  i hope viewers will consider the “before” and “after” and see how aRt can enhance what many would argue needs no enhancement — The natural world.

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