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aNna (Wellman) rybaT

“Painting is meant to be deceptive. Representational aRt does not convey anything deeper than reality, so recreating what i already see doesn’t resonate with me.   It is more interesting to fudge reality and explore a  wabi-sabi (Japanese style of imperfect aRt) outcome of imperfect, off-center, asymmetrical and disproportionate gestures.”

B. 1953 in Youngstown, OH. Lives in Sonoma County, CA.  Practices in a shared aRts compound with approximately 45 other aRtists at The Studios, in restored WWII barracks buildings on the former Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Santa Rosa.  Studied with Josef Schützenhöfer (Vienna Austria) with strong influences of German abstract expressionists, Jugendstil, Dada and 19th century classical music and verse.  Also studied under Charles Kello and Norman Goodwin (Norfolk, VA).

Using abstract expressionist oil painting as a starting point, aNna grew up anxious to break out of/rise above a typical mid-western lifestyle. “Above” did not mean “better than;” rather, it came to mean enhancing what she knew. Abstract because she wanted to live a life outside of the reality of steel mills and poverty. Wabi sabi in keeping with her daughter in law’s heritage). aNna transfers her most vivid compositions to fabric and creates temporary installations in nature or urban settings. Although “naturally” beautiful, nature can perhaps be enhanced with beautiful aRt, according to aNna’s vision. Deteriorating urban settings can similarly be enhanced with aRt.

Inspired by the work of Jeanne Claude & Christo and Andy Goldsworthy, aNna’s fabric installations are photographed and removed after a short time. This reinforces the notion that we should not become too attached to “things;” that beauty and even aRt are not lasting.

After serving in the U.S. Navy for 24 years (1976 – 2000) to support her family and earn higher education benefits (B.S. History, BFA and MA Ed.) aNna returned to aRt full time. The Navy informed her aRt in the sense that she learned commitment, service to other-than-self, discipline and a sense that aRt can be used to build up, strengthen and beautify even the most unlikely environment. She now is committed to a life of beauty in the simple elements: ColorFields in Nature.

Every choice of color, every shape, every brushstroke evokes freedom and truth. Most of my canvases result in something unruly–literally.   i strive only to obey the truth that [for me] comes from gestures related to the spiritual. i have a poor understanding of where it comes from and simply follow and obey…wherever that leads.”


photo credit: Fritzi Wellman

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