Some may not agree with my labeling and identifying my aRt as “colorFields;” however, it is definitely how i describe my aRt and the school with whom i most associate (abstract expressionists).  This piece has less geometric forms and an overall quality of layers of colors.  My partner named it “Blizzard” when i couldn’t settle on a title.  Again, the palette is darker with white ghostly “shadows” scumbled over the top to neutralize the underlying fields.  Dark (navy) blue is a recurring theme in my work, associated with the sea.  The other colors are added to give interest and to neutralize the palette.  This painting, like many of my recent more successful pieces, was begun perhaps 5 years ago (2011) and just recently (2016) completed, so when people ask me how long it takes to create this (as with many of my paintings….) i am reminded of Jackson Pollock’s response to the same question:  ” All my life,” or “4 hours and 32 years.”

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