Blue Venue

Blue Venue

This painting is now finished.  It has gone thru several iterations:



This progression fairly represents the many layers of contemplation, before i am “satisfied.”  The first painting  (2016) was a little crazy with bold colors.  Next, i softened and neutralized the colors and left some of the original visible.  i “scumbled” the paint over it, so as not to completely cover the original.  i want to remember where it has been and what came before.  In the third version, i added asymmetric geometric Fields of Color and shapes.  These “boxes” perhaps represent my desire to compartmentalize difficult issues (there are many).  i really love this version now but love the earlier versions too.  Perhaps i should have stopped and left it as is.  It is difficult to pinpoint how and why i am not satisfied with a painting, and when i know it is finally successful.  My partner did not like the deep purple markings so that may have been enough.  V. 2  is slightly too evenly dissected and needed  more “wabi sabi” element to it, so i finalized it with a few contrasting colors and shapes and markings for flair.  

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