The progression of “Anneliese”

Anneliese is what my mother called me when i was a young girl.  This painting began as a quick color study, 2009 (last image of above series).  i added the additional layers over the years until i arrived at the current version, a “self portrait.”  It was inspired by the beautiful patterns of the extraordinary …

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Another in a series of “3D paintings.”  The leftover fabric from an earlier environmental installation was re-purposed here by drenching a piece in acrylic house paint.  The fabric was then mounted, stretched and assembled on to a gallery stretched canvas.  

Vainglorious Warrior: The Sparrow

“Vainglorious Warrior:  The Sparrow” 36″ x 36″, acrylic, fabric, oil on canvas. This piece is a collaboration with my childhood friend and poet extraordinaire, Cathy Barber-Brenner Cathy wrote the poem “The Sparrow” and asked me to develop a piece of visual aRt to compliment her poetry.  i have been wanting to collaborate with aRtists of …

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