The text of this composition (bottom image) is free-handed in my “best” handwriting, inspired by handwriting sample of Franz Kafka, another literary aRtist i admire very much.  The text was written as a 50 year old woman back in undergraduate school, among very much younger aRtists in training.  It sounds (today) very much like i would have written at age 18.   It is about the unfair representation of women in aRt.  The text starts in the center and works outward.  i called it “Creation” because Eve, as the original first female aRtist, got screwed.  The “Big Bang” is in the dark shadows on the edges. 

2 thoughts on “creation”

  1. This reminds me of the center of a tree. Are there actual words or just scribbles? Does it have a particular meaning? —Ivelis—

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