proud of this painting,  although inspired by another artist’s (UNK) work, the dark v. light (good v. evil), the cloudy grey background with the suggestion of barbed wire — interrupted. These visions rarely appear in my aRt: Evil, imprisonment, torture, barbarity, inhumanity, murder, depravity, injustice, crimes against humanity.  But this one speaks to me, because, perhaps, of my own tragic Germanic heritage.  Now in the twilight of my years,  this post requires much MUCH more context and i can do justice in this small space.   One of my “legacy” pieces of aRt.   The composition was inspired originally from a photograph in a magazine (another reason why i can’t sell it:  It is not totally original).   The “evil” is a small ninja trying to approach.  The light is larger and brighter and ready for the fight.

Credit:  Re-imagination of unk artist (Kipton???)  

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