Fearless Warrior (i fell from grace)

  i fell from grace but am saved by grace.  This piece has been re-imagined from the original (“Fearsome Warrior” bottom image).  Another in my “Warrior” series, inspired by my yoga practice and named after several “Warrior” poses.  Re-named “FearLESS Warrior…”  There is a difference between a fearsome warrior and fearless warrior.  A fearsome warrior is bold, ego driven.  A fearless warrior is brave, but with humility.  In the center, in the background:  A cross.  It is wonky, crooked, off center and totally imperfect.  i did not notice it until a friend pointed it out to me, so it was placed there by a subliminal, spiritual force.  But it creates the perfect blend of Warrior and Christian, East and West, imperfect and perfect grace.  The chrysanthemums, bamboo and Islamic patterns suggest an Eastern philosophy.  In fact, some of the elements of Eastern traditions enhance and strengthen my own faith.   

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