Grape Green Go

Oil on canvas
48″ x 36″
At one time i sought to deconstruct my vanity but i went too far and now i need to build it back up again.
 Color recipe:  This CoLorField canvas started (below L) with a quick sketch of my friends as first layer in acrylic paint.  Then i added a pale green wash with a few neutralizing colors (yellow and alizarin).  i never intended this to be a portrait; rather, the lines of the figures give an additional dimension and texture to the final piece.  Lastly, a Thalo blue green layer covers the canvas and represents (to me) a celebration of the early season vineyards here in Sonoma County:  the green leaves, pale yellows of straw, golden chardonnays and sauvignon blancs.   The 3 friends are still underneath all of it.  
 A turn to a more mono-chromatic palette.

This piece shall be among my “Pairings” series

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