“i the Lord of sea and sky” and “Yes Sun” (diptych)

I The Lord of Sea and Sky

Earlier underpainting of “I The Lord….”

Earlier underpainting of “Yes Sun”

    Here, i took two paintings that i had given up on and was ready to throw out.  Decided to try again with a diptych.  Set them side by side and applied paint so that palette would match each.  The earlier version, original canvases provided the perfect backdrop for these two newly imagined paintings.  i could never have come up with this otherwise.  These were both completed in an afternoon plus 40 years.  Nothing going on in the process of painting, but when it was finished, with study, reflection and contemplation, it occurred to me that they resembled an atmospheric landscape of sea and sky.  That meant that the sun in my pictures was rectangular?  Is that possible?  Well in my world it is.

      i still consider these colorfields, and will transfer to fabric to create an installation in nature.  

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