Inverse Warrior

As my yoga practice grows more important to me, i will continue to dedicate my new paintings to this aspect of my life.  As usual, this painting sprang from within.  i did not try to capture or cultivate anything in particular as i began applying paint.  My love for yellow showed up first, then it needed a contrast and “Franz Kline” blue is my go-to color.  The bulge in the center represents the huge body twist in “Inverse Warrior.”  So difficult to achieve.  So wonderful when you “get there.”  But, as in all yoga practice, the “benefit” of the pose is in going there, to the extent that your body will allow, and not further (no injuries).  “Getting there” is not essential.  It is not necessary, for the full benefit, to achieve 100 % perfection.  So it is with all of my painting.  

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