It is Raining on the Land

Updated:  3/20/2018.
Original (below)
New Title:  “Its Raining on the Land”

Original colors are too sweet.  New palette is more neutral.  It has taken 10 years to “finish” this painting, begun in 2008.  Although it was beautifully framed in 2010, it was not quite “finished,” based on my own ideas and the luke-warm reception of the public.  i have been waiting for an inspiration to update this painting and found it when i saw this painting (below) by Joan Kathleen Harding Eardley on Pinterest.  i painted over the canvas, being careful not to paint the beautiful frame.  i did sign this painting on the front bottom R corner, unlike most of my other paintings that are signed on the back of the canvas.  Since this one was professionally framed, the signature is not visible on the back.


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