It’s Raining on the Land

      This is a rainstorm.  My default setting is to err on the side of larger rather than smaller, so i chose a clean 30″ x 40″ canvas.  Knowing that the overall color would be cool greens and blues, i first applied a few thick patches of a neutralizing orange, red, yellow and purple.  i even applied some thalo which i normally avoid.  i chose large, softer brushes because the intention was to apply a water-y layer (paint mixed with Gamsol) that would gently mix with the thicker paint to neutralize but not muddy the colors.  Some of the thicker layers should be visible underneath the thinner layers.  Some alizarin had been left over on my palette paper, and i always try to use up paints leftover.  i only touched on it with my brush to neutralize the greens and deep indigo.  Most successful pieces were under-paintings (pieces that i was unhappy or unsatisfied with) that had a second, third and sometimes fourth layer added. 

“Sometimes it takes weeks or months to finish a painting, but I want it to look like it took hours.” – Willem de Kooning  (words to that effect).

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