Josef: the progression of a portrait

Josef.  The Progression of a Portrait (2016).
In the beginning of this piece (2014)

Not sure what inspired these dark stripes and shapes on top of the otherwise pale palette…(2015)

In an effort to recapture the luscious colors….(2015); perhaps a little TOO “sweet???”
Which version do you think was/is best ????  Send me a note. Thank you for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Josef: the progression of a portrait”

  1. The bottom image is the latest iteration of this study. The layers include: 1) colorfield background w. "portrait" (anonymous magazine model) sketch, 2) unhappy with (1), i tried to "block" it out with black, then 3) the changed angle of the same didn't make it better so i applied layer 4) with bolder colors. am more pleased with it now.

  2. FASCINATING. Love seeing and hearing of the thought process. I like the third best and I must like sweet if that is what sweet is. I'm all about the lucious colors too. Please explain definition of "sweet". xo LOVE this.

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