Storm and Whale

Just finished the piece on top.  It is a re-work of the bottom composition and now am much happier.  A few elements of the original remain, peeking thru (top left).  A storm is a strong subject to capture although it was not my intention to paint the image of a storm.  But when I knew I was finished with the painting, I recognized what it was:  a STORM!   A wet storm with rain and thick clouds over the sea somewhere over Nova Scotia.   I love to experiment with gray and brown in my colorfields as they are not popular colors, generally.  And thus it began and progressed.  The large garish yellow field clashes with the neutral colors of the “storm.”  Like a whale breeching the water line.  There is no such thing as a yellow whale, you say?   Well there is a yellow submarine, so why not a yellow whale?  

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