Storm & Whale Take TWO

Experimented with masking tape.  Took a painting that i was not yet satisfied with (Storm and Whale), taped around the edges (a technique i learned from my instructor Norman Goodwin in Norfolk, VA, 2011-2012), and “scumbled” (a technique i learned from my instructor Anne Iott at Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach ca. 1978) the blue gray “stormy” colors over the underpainting.  Left the sun visible (upper left yellow rectangle).  As has become my habit, although i have half a dozen new blank canvases in my studio, i choose the old ones to re-imagine.

This is the finished piece (2017), begun in 2010 (7 years to completion).  i chose not to crop this image yet, and left the background studio “noise” visible:  It adds interest.

Revised Storm & Whale, 2012

The ORIGINAL “Storm & Whale” 2010
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