Vainglorious Warrior: The Sparrow

“Vainglorious Warrior:  The Sparrow”

36″ x 36″, acrylic, fabric, oil on canvas.

This piece is a collaboration with my childhood friend and poet extraordinaire, Cathy Barber-Brenner

Cathy wrote the poem “The Sparrow” and asked me to develop a piece of visual aRt to compliment her poetry.  i have been wanting to collaborate with aRtists of music, theater, literature (poetry, etc.), sculpture.  “Vainglorious Warrior, ” i believe matches the “visualization” of her words.  My crumpled sculptured, rectangular, irregular “tree” is the perfect perch for the little “vainglorious warrior.”  :

     after “Stork” by Ellen Bryant Voigt
They are so ubiquitous people call them
LBJs: little brown jobs. Most cozy
to civilization. House Sparrows
build nests in walls and roofs. 
Chipping Sparrows sculpt nests
with hair. There are Vesper Sparrows,
White-throated Sparrows and
Grasshopper Sparrows. The Hedge Sparrow
is not a sparrow but the White-rumped
Snow Finch is.
In Indonesia, if a woman spies a sparrow
on Valentine’s Day, she will find happiness
marrying a poor man. In ancient Greece,
they, birds of love, drew Aphrodite’s chariot.
Christians believe the sparrow loyally
stayed with Christ through crucifixion.
Ancient Egyptians believed they
caught the souls of the dead
and carried them to heaven.
Mao went about eliminating the seed eaters
in the Great Leap Forward’s Kill
a Sparrow Campaign. Peasants smashed eggs,
shredded nests, shot them from the sky,
banged pots and pans to exhaust
the sparrows, too frightened to land.
Locusts devoured the crops.

— Cathy Barber

Re-using material that would have otherwise been wasted, i drenched a piece of fabric (unused from a CoLorfield installation project) in acrylic paint and spread it on to a canvas, resting on a blank canvas.

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